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Greetings in the Lord Jesus,

      Thank you for your interest in and consideration of  "Heart Fire Ministries", the itinerate teaching and training ministry of Pastor Lary Dean. With more than 20 years of
pastoring, teaching, discipling, counseling, worship leading and ministry building as the pastor, founder, senior overseer of Heart Maneuvers Christian Center, the time has
come for him to share his ministry on a broader level with the greater body of Christ.
      Please consider utilizing any one of our teachings/seminars to edify and equip the saints under your care.
Our five key centerpiece teachings and series are:
      E.B.O.W. : Effective Biblical Outreach and Witness (Acts 1:8)
      A dynamic, inspirational and practical teaching series or seminar on how and why we should share the gospel of Jesus Christ with the lost. Most Christians know they
should share Christ, but lack the tools and practical means to do so biblically and effectively.
      How to Fight and Win: God’s Word, His Voice, Our Weapon (Eph. 6:17-18)
      Everyone is fighting, but not everyone is winning. We offer fresh and progressive insights into what God’s
      Word says about the Bible’s role in Spiritual Warefare and victory in our thought life, prayer life, relationships, ministries and beyond. The Bible beyond mere memorization.
      The Christian’s TNT Series : The Triumphing and Transitioning Power of Praise (Jn. 4:23-24)
      A serious look at how Biblical Praise and Worship effects our emotions, perspectives, and overall wellness. A series designed to inspire non-demonstrative saints to enter
into the praise and worship of God. Praise changes things around us while worship changes things in us.
      The Lost Cross (1 Cor. 2:2)
      A teaching that will show you the cross more powerfully and vividly than Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ”.         
              -What and how Christ truly suffered. (Acts 17:2-3)
              -The cross and accountability. No one can crucify themselves. (Pr. 27:6, Jn. 13)
              -The cross and our lives. (Lk. 9:23, Gal. 2:20, Gal. 5:24)
              -Prepare hearts for the message of the cross with God’s law. (1 Cor. 1:18, Rom. 3:19)
              -The seven words of the cross. (Mt. 27:46)
      Keys to a Victorious Life (1 Cor. 15:57-58)
      Many Christians are hemorrhaging spiritually because, while they are truly feeding their spirit, they are simultaneously feeding their flesh. The age old spiritual quandary is
addressed in effective and practical steps.
Other teachings, series and seminars available are:
      •Principles of Powerful Partnership (with God & people) (Ecc. 4:8-12)
      Combating co-dependence and independence with Bible based interdependence on God and the relationships He has provided and ordained. Restoring the Church to
Spirit led, biblical discipleship.
      •Stilling the Momentum of the Soul (Ps. 46:10-11)
      Helping God’s people identify the difference between soul and spirit and how destructive it is to be led by our soul and not the spirit, who is the one who is the means by
which we receive from and respond to God.
      •Effective Leadership Series (1 Pet. 4:10-11)
      Leadership principles and lessons from Christ’s life, the apostles in Acts and Paul & Peter’s Epistles.
      •The Power, Wind, Fire and Water of God (1 Cor. 2:12)
      Powerful and balanced Biblical teaching on the person and work of the Holy Spirit.
      •Learning to Let Go
      Lessons from David’s life on letting go of heroes, children, sin and more…
      •Ministry Proportionate to Need (Jn. 11)
      Discovering Biblical principles for the saints role in each others sanctification and wholeness.

Pastor Lary also serves well and has experience in:
              •Church services (Sunday a.m., Sunday p.m., midweek or special services)
              •Conference settings
              •Retreats (marriage, men’s, leadership, etc…)
              •Ministry consultation in areas such as:
                              *every member emphasis
                              *strategic corporate outreach
                              *mobilization strategies
                      -praise and worship ministry
                              *overall ministry enhancement
                              *pastor-worship leader synergy
              •Specialized and appropriated words for specific church needs & goals
              •Ministry staff & church intervention and reconciliation
              •Pre-marital discipleship/counseling and pastoral care

      For an example of how the ministry might be implemented at your church, consider the “One Day Plan” proposal. Pastor Lary comes in for a Sunday to do an “all church”
E.B.O.W. training day. It begins with the main Sunday AM service or services with the message “GO, they’re out there.”, with a dramatic piece of rescue footage to accentuate
the urgency of reaching for the lost with the true gospel. Then in the afternoon there are two E.B.O.W. seminar sessions. The first, Pt.1: Simple Effective Evangelism, will equip
the saints to break into an effective witnessing opportunity and biblically minister the gospel. The second, the E.B.O.W. Strategy Breakdown, will help us identify with the various
types of witnessing opportunities and biblical options and practical pointers and principles to truly equip saints to effectively bring someone to Christ as Savior. Then the day
could be capped off with an inspirational message on “Hells Best Kept Secrets”, to motivate and further equip the saints to do their number one purpose in Christ, which is to
“Go and preach (declare) the gospel to every living creature…”
      Another option would be to utilize Pastor Lary’s twenty plus years of praise and worship leading experience and do a “One Day Plan” that hosts our “T.N.T.-Praise and
Worship Encounter” for your whole church. The day would begin with a message in the effects of and insights to the praise and worship of men and women of the Bible. The
day would continue with a seminar on the dynamics, activities and postures of biblical praise and worship; and could be wrapped up with an evening concert where everyone
could celebrate, praise and worship the Lord while applying what was learned throughout the day to their worship experience.
      Pastor Lary will fully adapt to and comply with the base-line theology, ideology, and philosophy of your ministry. To come along side what God has called you to do and
be a blessing and a help to His purpose for you is our goal.
      Please contact us so we can start to plan how we’re going to partner in lifting up God’s Son to change lives forever and advance in His glorious kingdom.

                                              May the Lord bless you in all your endeavors for His glory.
Yours in His service,

Steven D. Bank

P.S. Please forgive the length of this letter. Our brochures are forthcoming and we need to include this info. in our intro letter for the time being.

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