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Bringing the reality of Christ to the Real World
      …helping the Church realize ministry beyond the walls.

    Go into all the world…
Mark 16:15

The word Extreme means; Existing in a very high degree. Exceeding the ordinary, usual and expected. Maximum, radical, to the greatest possible extent. Extreme
describes our ministry’s commitment to the Lord and those we desire to effect through the reality and power of His love and truth. We want to have a high impact in reflecting
the heart, life and sacrifice of Christ to the world and the Church.  Our goal is to pioneer ministry beyond the walls of our church campuses. Christ told the Church to go and
touch the world, He didn’t tell the world to go and get in touch with the Church. We must go, cause Christ tells us to and because they won’t just come. It our desire to contact
and connect with people in the real world for the purpose of ultimately connecting them with Christ.
      To go where Christ would go is our objective. Where would Jesus go? He would go to where America goes. Where are Americans? They are riding their bikes,
racing their motorcycles, playing paintball, involved with Little league, going to car show cruise nights, road rallies, wake boarding, skate boarding, surf boarding, soft ball
games, volley ball games and on and on and on.  We desire to develop on site ministries that will provide effective outreach, chaplaincy, discipleship and pastoring to as
many affinity groups and sub-cultures as we can. Most of what the Church is busy doing is happening within the four walls of the church building, most of what Jesus wants
to do is outside of the four walls of the church. The greatest message ever preached was not in the synagogue or temple, but on a hillside were the people were naturally
inclined to gather and hang out. Where are the people in your community and affinities hanging out? We want to lead the way for the body of  Christ; the Church, to realize
and develop the reflex and discipline of Christ-like mobilized and present ministry that will effect lives with the love and truth of God’s Son and build the Church and advance
the Kingdom of God.
      We’re challenging Christians to live the extreme life and realize ministry beyond the walls (of the Church). Pastor Lary would love to challenge and effect your Church
and ministry to effectively rescue the lost.  
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Join us in “Living extreme for God’s Son to change our Generation”

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