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The EBOW Edge
EBOW Resources
Extreme Challenge
E.B.O.W. Effective Biblical Outreach & Witness (Collection)
Detailed Presentation and Project Outline

A dynamic, inspirational and practical teaching on how and why we should share the gospel of Jesus Christ with those that are
not yet redeemed in our lives. A personal and corporate challenge to address and resolve our presently failing attempts to win
souls and bring increase to the body of Christ. Simple principles and tools that will powerfully equip saints to witness confidently,
effectively and biblically. God shoots straight for the heart, and with E-BOW, teaches us how to take aim.

E.B.O.W. Effective Biblical Outreach & Witness
“Aiming for the Lost with the Truth and Power of Christ”
The Book (base manuscript-work)
      Manuscript-Book  (Series) Content Outline
      1. Who does God use?
          Go- they’re out there!
      2. Getting your foot in the door
      3. Lighting the way to the Savior with the light of God’s Word
      4. Be Available and Effective for Christ
      5. Strategy Breakdown
      6. The EBOW Edge.(Biblical perspectives on the Holy Spirit’s role in our evangelism and hell’s best kept secrets; a few things the devil doesn’t want you to know)  

      Target Markets (Conservative Evangelical & Charismatic Christians)
      1. Adult and youth (Contemporary Christian Market & beyond)
      2. Christian Workers-pastors, ministers, evangelists, missionaries, youth ministers, educators, Sunday school departments, home-cell group leaders….

E.B.O.W.   “Aiming for the Lost with Christ’s Cross Bow”  
Workbook-study guide (The companion work to the book)

A powerful, cohesive and concentrated workbook designed to equip the average Christian (and ordained minister too) to effectively share the truth and love of Christ with the
unsaved people in their life. Family, friends, co-workers, etc….Everyone the Lord allows them to encounter in their daily life. Filled with surveys, maxims, personal and
corporate church resources and a clear step by step foundation process for sharing Christ.

      Workbook (Series) Content Outline
      1. The Goal: Every Member Evangelism
      2. Who does God use?
      3. Take Aim with the E.B.O.W.
      4. Simple Effective Evangelism
      5. E.B.O.W. Strategy Breakdown
      6. E.B.O.W. Copy Ready Resources
      7. E.B.O.W. Study Supplements

EBOW Youth Devotional (Teen version of a Book-Workbook Combination)
A hybrid of the book and workbook specifically written for Christian pre-teens, teens and young adults to be inspired and equipped to share Christ effectively.

EBOW DVD “Live audience Presentation”
      1.  E.B.O.W. Main Teaching  “Simple Effective Evangelism”
      2.  E.B.O.W. Distinctive (Availability, Adaptation & Biblical efficiency)
      3. The E.B.O.W.  Edge (Returning to our first works Rev. 2:4-5 and the real Power Acts 1:8)

EBOW (Cd Audio Series)
The 6 Cd set of the EBOW teaching taught live by Pastor Lary at various venues in 2004.

The Lost Sheep Patrol
Identifying, discovering and developing the church’s “Search and Rescue” mission to
the lost (Mark 10:45). Presenting models and step by step procedures for establishing
effective outreach and witnessing ministries in your own affinities and spheres of influence.

Caught in the Cross hairs…of the EBOW & the eternal Sniper
The E-BOW work for the unsaved. Are you going to heaven? Want to know for sure?
A book designed to connect the lost to Christ as Savior and Lord, or at the minimum plant seeds
to that end.

Building on the Passion
How to use Mel Gibson’s incredible movie “The Passion of the Christ” as your key springboard
to witness and win souls for the glory of God.

Corresponding works:
      *“The Extreme Life- Series”- Living beyond the boundaries of mediocrity for Christ
      *“The Lost Cross”- Beyond the Passion is…The Lost Cross
      *“The Extreme Church”- Ministry beyond the four walls
      *“The Christian’s TNT”- The Triumphing and Transitioning Power of Praise