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       Extreme Literary Works & Projects composite from the “EXTREME PASTOR”

1. E.B.O.W. “Effective Biblical Outreach & Witness”  Line-Collection
        God shoots straight for the heart, and with EBOW, teaches us how to take aim.
  ~E.B.O.W. Effective Biblical Outreach & Witness  (The Book)
       “Go, They’re Out There” (Sub-title)
       -A dynamic and inspirational challenge for Christians to fulfill the Great Commission and effectively and confidently share the truth and love of Christ.
  ~E.B.O.W.  (Workbook)  Effective Biblical Outreach & Witness
      “Reaching For the Lost with the Power of Christ’s Cross”
      A dynamic and practical companion to the book, that contains surveys, maxims, resources and a clear, effective step by step process for sharing Christ.
  ~E.B.O.W.  (Youth Devotional; Teen version of a Book-Workbook Combination)
      A hybrid of the book and workbook specifically written for Christian pre-teens, teens and young adults to be inspired and equipped to share Christ effectively.
  ~E.B.O.W.  (DVD “Live Audience Presentation with Interaction”)
      1. E.B.O.W. Main Teaching- “Simple Effective Evangelism”
      2. E.B.O.W. Distinctives (Availability, Adaptation & Biblical efficiency)
      3. The E-BOW Edge (Returning to our first works  Rev. 2:4-5)
  ~The Lost Sheep Patrol (Creative and Innovative Outreach and Evangelism)
       Identifying, discovering and developing the church’s  “Search and Rescue” mission to the Lost  (Mark 10:45). Practical principles, guidelines and models for effective
      soul-winning outreach ministry.
  ~Caught in the Cross hairs…of the E-BOW & the eternal Sniper (Pure Evangelistic)
      The E-BOW work for the unsaved. Are you going to heaven? Want to know for sure?
   ~Building on the Passion  (Evangelism Equipping)
       How to use Mel Gibson’s incredible movie “The Passion of the Christ” as your key springboard to witness and win souls for the glory of God. Whether someone has
seen the film or
not it can be used in a powerful way to present the gospel.

2. The Lost Cross  “Beyond the Passion… is the Lost Cross”
A view of the cross of  Christ that’s more vivid, insightful and compelling than Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ”. What the movie couldn't show you.
      Explore three key dimensions of Christ’s cross.
              1. The detail, impact and implications of Christ’s physical suffering.
              2. The ultimate pain that He suffered and endured for us.
              3. The “Lost Cross” for many Christians today- their own!

3. The Extreme Church  “Ministry Beyond the four walls”
The biblical, spirit led role and dynamics of Christianity and the Church in the war zone called our modern day society. Going where no church generation has gone before.

4. The Extreme Life Series Teachings and books,
which will emphasize the “Spirit driven life” and take a fresh, radical look at the powerful academics of Christ’s life and  that of the church of Acts, and then apply them to our own lives in
taking Christ’s kingdom forth into the all world.
 “The Extreme Life”
              “The Extreme Pastor”
              “The Extreme Christian”
              “The Extreme Marriage”
              “The Extreme Husband”
              “The Extreme Dad”…of sons…of daughters
              “The Extreme Family” ….wife, son, daughter, brother, sister                      
              “The Extreme Leadership”                                
              “The Extreme Outreach”
              “The Extreme Employee”
              “The Extreme Employer”
              “The Extreme Entrepreneur”
              “The Extreme Businessman” …….

5. The Christian’s TNT- “The Triumphing and Transitioning Power of Praise”
“Why praise God in the storms?” How and why David could say; “But You O Lord”. Discover why the Lord has instructed us to worship Him the way He has and the effect it will have on
our daily walk with Him and how we interact with others.

6. 365 Power Windows  “Insights into the Heart and Kingdom of God”
Practical and extreme daily glimpses into the heart of God and His ways. Practical, one line sermons that will help Christians focus on the Lord and be tuned into His heart, will and ways.

7. The Forth Man I’ll Find
An incredible look at the possibility and likeliness of  the rich young ruler becoming a follower of Christ. A consideration that Christ’s confrontation with the law and instruction to leave all
and  follow Him was just the ministry he needed to leave sad and challenged, then grapple with the words of the Lord and become born again and one of the Lord‘s faithful followers.

8. How to Fight and Win (God’s Word, His Voice, Our Weapon)
The dynamics of God’s Word and it’s place in our battles and daily struggles. When Christ
 fought Satan He said,” It is Written” and hence wielded the truth of God’s Word against the
enemy, giving us the ultimate example for an overcoming life-style.

9.The Hard Side of God
Helping America rediscover the God of the bible and let go of the unbiblical, domesticated, congenial image of the Almighty God that breeds a lack of the fear of the Lord and precipitates  
lawlessness and ungodly living within our people, even clergy! This work even explores the  much shunned but clearly biblical “Hatred of God” Yes, discover what and who God hates.

10. Such as I Have
Discovering why God’s Word says “two are better than one” and why Paul refers to the Church
as a body that works in harmony, each member having it’s part. Simply put, we need
each other to be our best. Learning to defer to one another’s strengths and to protect one another’s  weaknesses is a real challenge in a time when the church is rampant with disabling
independence, codependency and insecurity.                                    

11. I love you, but, I disagree
Righteous disagreement is the thesis of this work. Righteously disagreeing with significant
 others, people you love,
work with and minister with in a productive, mutual and Christ honoring way.

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