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Advent Innovations Group 2005
Initial Auxiliary Projects Composite

1. Some Trust in Chariots (Multiple Authors)
    An autobiographical compilation of five champions in the world of the extreme sport of motocross. Which will emphasize how their personal relationship to Christ was the key to their
success and the most important thing in their lives. Discover how these champions overcame; dramatic set backs, relational conflicts, serious career threatening injuries, incredible
personal and professional pressure and a fever pitch pace that is unprecedented in the history of the sport of motocross.
2. Raising the Extreme:199 (Deb Pastrana)
    What was it like to give birth to and raise the most amazing, innovative and popular extreme sport athlete in the world? Trace the steps of this one of a kind mom as she shares how
she raised her son Travis, and watched him suffer, struggle, soar and become one of the most renowned athletes on earth by the time he was sixteen years old. Parents raising
children in this ultra competitive society will learn many great lessons and principles from this woman referred to by many that know her and Travis as “Super Mom.”

3. Shepherds of  the Warriors (Multiple Authors)
    A window into the lives and ministries of five pastors that are pastoring and making a huge difference and impact beyond the four walls of the church and pioneering earth
changing ministry into the world and sub-culture of professional and amateur extreme sports and beyond.
4. Full on Possible (Nate Adams -X Games 2004 Gold Medalist; Free-style MX)  
    Alternate titles; Quiet Thunder, All things are possible
    Nate Adams; Flawless, Consistent, Dedicated, Creative, Courageous, Christian! What makes the only man to ever defeat Travis Pastrana at the X Games tick? Money? Fame?
Respect? Status?
    Find out that and more in the book that looks into the head and heart of this quiet and meek champion of free-style Motocross.
5. Warrior Shepherds  “Ministry Beyond the Walls” (Multiple Authors)
    A look into the lives of several pastors that have powerfully unique ministries and are truly ministering to the least, the last and the lost. Men who pastor biker gangs, hardened
criminals and those who are extremely disenchanted with traditional churches. Follow these men as they shepherd castaways and societies throw backs. Men who are getting to
where people are, connecting with them and changing their lives forever.

6. Warring for a Generation  (2006 Parenting Seminar Participant)
    Lary's ministry was phenomenal. He is such a motivational teacher. He is a wealth of information. Thanks for offering this. It was outstanding!  

7. Jen Gallion/ Feb. 2008
    Preacher's seem to put more emphasis on fearing th Lord and only fearing Him. They don't teach teh friendship that God wants too, the love of a father and his children. That you don't have to always be dignified. I've heard of "Father God" that I can dance and cry and fall apart and God's not going to freak out. I've always thought that God was so scary, untouchable, and unreachable. Exterme Church has changed all that and I am learning that God loves me no matter what.  

8. Harold Ryden - Founder and President of "Pullers for Christ"
    Pastor Lary Dean has exceeded in abundance our expectations of what a guest pastor can offer (doing the first church service at the Arm Wrestling World Championships in Las Vegas). I first met Pastor Lary at the X Games in Los Angeles, August 2005. From the first moment I met him, I knew that this man was ordained by God with a holy fire. Pastor Lary's heart is overloaded and overjoyed with the Word of God and love for God's people. He speaks as a humble servant. His opening words are "I am humbed to be here." His message is inspiring and urges us to Go and tell the world about Jesus. He knows just what to say and when to say it. As I looked at teh attendees I saw many tear-filled smiling faces. He spoke so powerfully and with such enthusiasm and passion that it just seemed to flow from his sould. Than you God for Pastor Lary Dean and his divine uniqueness. I've never met anyone quite like him.  

9. Pastor Shane Hoevelman - Found and Pastor "Church of the Extreme"
    Meeting Lary Dean was a divine appointment for me. While many are striving to build a church, Pastor Lary is striving to build the Kingdom of God. He is ablaze with an infectious fire and impassioned with a desire to rescue the lost. I believe Pastor Lary is on Hell's ten most wanted list. Saturated with anointing, God uses Pastor Lary to penetrate sub-cultures as well as mainstream with the redeeming gpower of the message of hope. Pastor Lary is dynamic and is the most powerful guest speaker ever to grace the pulpit at Church of the Extreme.  

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