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1 Corinthians 15:57-58
Lary Dean the "Extreme Pastor"
“Living Extreme for God’s Son to change our Generations”

EXTREME  (Extreme/ik-`streme) Existing in a very high degree. Exceeding the ordinary, usual and expected.
Maximum, radical, to the greatest possible extent. Beyond normal, beyond the norm.


            EXTREME PEOPLE
                EXTREME CHURCH



EXTREME CONCEPT: To build a network of churches on the trichotomy of; Worship, Evangelism and Discipleship (Matt. 28:18-20) through the triad of Acts 2:42 (the academics of
Christianity), which is one; knowing God by knowing His Word, two; the life style and ministry of prayer and three; effective, fruitful and biblical fellowship and relationship. With
evangelism at the center or core of all teaching, ministry and activities. Featuring the following baseline dimensions of mobilization:        
-Every member evangelism. Personal work, witnessing and corporate outreach
-Effective Domestic Missions “Attacking the Affinities and subcultures in America”
-Ministry beyond the Walls i.e. Open air services, preaching, ministry, strategic outreach and more.

Emphasizing that the focus of the Christian life in the simplest of terms is “God and People”. Worshiping and serving God, building up and discipling God’s people (the Church) and
reaching and rescuing lost people by effectively sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

PRIMARY DISTINCTIVE: Be an “Evidence Church” like an “Evidence Bible”. Centered on evangelism from conception and inception, so the whole church has the natural spirit led
reflex of reaching for lost and dying souls. (Matt. 28:18-20, Mk. 16:15, Lk.24:45-48, John 20:21-23, Acts 1:8)

EXTREME PRIMARY EMPHASIS -EVANGELISM: Every member evangelism is the goal. Emphasizing that the key life response to God’s Love, Truth and Grace is the personal
work of sharing the gospel of Christ through an effective biblical witness with the lost. While at the same time being an effective pattern and example for the Church to follow

(Phil. 3:16, Titus 2:7).

The Lord Jesus said, “You shall worship the Lord your God and Him only shall you serve…(Luke 4:8). The first point of our serving that is evidence that we truly love and worship
God is obedience. Obedience to Christ’s commands. His clear and primary command to “Go and preach the gospel”, meaning to do evangelism, is not obeyed by many of His
people today (John 14:15, Mark 16:15). This results in a lack of personal spiritual vitality (John 4:34) and a lack of corporate increase (John 4:28-40).

Christ also said, “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because He has anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor; He has sent me to heal the broken hearted…” (Luke 4:18)
The same should be true for the church today! (Acts 1:8)

DISCIPLESHIP BASELINE: First and foremost; equipping and training new converts, as well as all Christians in the community to share the gospel, and develop the key life reflex of
evangelism! (John 4:34, Acts 9:20-22) Secondly, do ministry that is proportionate to need; intentional, life on life and done in and through the gifts and power of the Holy Spirit.
Teaching God’s people how to worship, witness, study God’s word, pray, serve, build strong and godly marriages and families, build the church and the body of Christ, build
Godly relationships, priorities and personal disciplines and to lift up and reveal God’s Son in all that they do.

EVANGELISM PROTOTYPE: Our goal is to establish an Acts model/prototype church with an evangelistic base-line that will be built on the following; a personal daily witness
dynamic, intentional two by two team outreach, small group dragnet teams, large group dragnet teams, (all identified as EBOW teams), strategic corporate outreach events and
services like “Friend Day” services and finally “Open Air Services” with “Open air worship” and “Open Air preaching” at least as frequently as the set services at the church
campus. The ultimate goal is to do more ministry outside the church building as we do in it. For every service on campus we will have one or more off campus. In a community
park, an amusement park parking lot prior to opening (with permission of course), carnivals, a busy night life street during prime time, sporting events, or any number of
prayerfully and strategically selected areas where people gather.

EVANGELISM TRAINING DISTINCTIVE: As a prototype for churches that desire to establish an evangelistic base-line, we will welcome Christians from other churches and
ministries to come and serve with us and be trained with our ministry teams in the domestic mission field right here in the U.S.A. Three day weekend, one and two week programs
will be available for those interested. They will assist us in doing evangelism in our area and be trained in the process, then, go back to their church and help lead their church
family to reach out for the lost in their city. (Phil. 3:16-17)

EXTREME DOMESTIC MISSIONS/AFFINITY DIMENSION: The U.S.A. is the most intense, needful mission field on earth. We need to have a missionary mind-set and edge to
effectively adapt  to and win the sub-cultures indigenous in our society to the Lord (1 Cor. 9:19-23). For example, to effectively minister to and win the lost in the affinity of Extreme-
Action Sports, we plant and grow Extreme church in SoCal. And other strategic locations yet to be discovered. A church that will know and adapt to the nuances of  the Extreme
Action Sport life-style as a primary distinctive, rather than a secondary distinctive, which is the common approach with more traditional churches today, which is good, but will only
go so far in impacting lives with the gospel in this particular sub-culture.

PROSPECTIVE AFFINITIES: Extreme-Action Sports (MX, BMX, FMX, skaters, paint ball, snow cross…), bikers, bicyclists, boating, winter sports, equestrian, water sports, motor-
sports, ball sports, all sports, arts (actors, musicians, fine arts, dance, graphic arts, media…), outdoors clubs (rock climbers, hikers, fishing, hunting…), aeronautical, military,
professionals, etc…(Mark 16:15, 1 Cor. 9:29-23)

EXTREME “CHURCH OF ACTS” DISTINCTIVE -MINISTRY BEYOND THE FOUR WALLS: Due to the institutionalizing of the Church, we have long departed the primary distinctive of
soul winning as well as the God ordained setting for this soul winning to be accomplished, which is the world, the real field of ministry, outside the four walls of the church building. If
the Gospel of Christ teaches us anything it teaches us that the Lord is about connecting. He came to connect with us and restore our connection to the Father.
The connection sin destroyed. It’s about connecting with people for God, that’s what it was about for the Church in Acts, but, what about the church today? Is the Church
connecting? Are we connecting with the lost?  And if we are, is it to minister effectively in those witnessing opportunities and truly impact lives for the Lord? It seems like everything
the Church is doing is within the four walls of the Church building, and hence never really connecting with the lost, while conversely, everything the Lord Jesus wants to do is
beyond the four walls
of the church (building) were we can connect with them.      

EXTREME TEAM & SUPPORT MATRIX: Ministry partners for; wise counsel, consultation, co-laboring, finance, support, materials, staff, all of the above.
        Victory Harvest Ministries -Pastors Greg & Donna Van Gorp
        Warehouse Church -Aurora, IL (Randy Schoof -Pastor)
        Heart Fire Ministries (Steven Bank CP)
        Albee Inc. -Greg Albertyn
        Cardinal Electric/Trinity Const. (Clay Hurst)
        Creation Station Media -(Rev Hillstrom)
        SXMX Ministries (Steve Hudson- Pastor)
        Brutal Planet Distribution -Matt Hunt
        Sharper Homes -Doug Gore
        Living Waters Publications/Way of the Master (Ray Comfort, Mark Spence)
3.1 Ministries, Inc. (Jerome Mikulich)
MXers for Jesus (Texas region) Scott Pemberton
        Attorney: Robert Wolfson
        Full Motion Media -Rafael V. Mojden
        Rize Media -Dan Chouinard
        HM Magazine -Doug Van Pelt